Wake-up Business Cub is based around the traditional breakfast networking model, but our meetings include non-member speakers to advise on all aspects of business and being a non-profit organization costs are kept to a minimum. Although only one member for each business category will be allowed to join each group, eliminating your competition, it could be the case that two businesses offer different aspects. For example, two IFA’s may agree each to offer only certain services and work together for mutual benefit. This would only occur on agreement between the two businesses.

How much does it cost?
There are no membership fees as such, but there will be a £50 joining fee. The only other fees are the continued payment of £45 per month to cover the costs of breakfast and venue hire.  This equates to just over £10 per meeting over the year. 

Attendance and Substitution
Members are expected to attend weekly but when a member is unable to attend a meeting it is important to find someone to represent you for the following reasons;
a)  The presence of a substitute maintains the member’s presence in the group.
b)  It maintains the member’s commitment and demonstrates this to the other members.
c)  The presence of a substitute from outside the group brings value and gives the opportunity for growth within the group.

We believe that having this system in place, without pressure on members, brings benefits by helping individual members build their business – a main feature of any networking organisation.  Passing referrals publicly in the meeting can be beneficial for the group as it demonstrates the benefits of regular attendance, the effectiveness of building trust between members, and to visitors, the benefits of membership.

Each week you will have the opportunity to present your business to the group but we also have a system of “spotlights” where you are allowed more time for an in-depth presentation allowing the other members, who become a sales team for you, to learn more about you and your business.

Guests Events
Guest events will also be held from time to time to encourage new members and special guests to come along.

Once a month a guest speaker will be invited to address the meeting on issues relevant to us all, with the aim being along the lines of continuing professional development. This will allow WBC to strengthen ties between businesses and the local community, sharing expertise where needed.

Application Form
An Application Form is available at the group you visit or click here to download and submit to your group manager.



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Strengthen ties between businesses and the local community

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GUEST DAY 1/3/11
Cost: £10, bring plenty of business cards with you!

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